PSA: Telling Women to Stop Drinking to Avoid Rape is Sexist

This month the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is in the business of pissing off feminists around the country. As if rape culture is not perpetuated enough, the CDC releases this piece of poop info-graphic which  lists violence, unwanted pregnancy, and STDs as a result of "drinking too much" :

I'm on board with the first column, there are CLEAR and documented health risks for pregnant women who "drink too much." But to list violence, STDs, and unwanted pregnancy as a result of excessive drinking for non-pregnant women is absurd. It is basically confirming that when a woman drinks it is inevitable that she is a target for sexual violence. It is stripping a woman of any power she may have as an adult, and reverting her to a child who has no say or control over what may happen to her when she decides to leave her home and drink alcohol. This is preposterous and should not be disseminated as a government document, because drinking wine on your couch while binge watching "How to Get Away with Murder" is not going to get you raped, a disgusting rapist is going to get you raped.

Now I know what kind of society we live in, and unfortunately the truth is that we women are always at risk for sexual violence, particularly when we are intoxicated. But lets be clear (Obama voice): it is utterly irresponsible to share something which strongly suggests that the burden of avoiding violence, unwanted pregnancy and STDs falls to women, and that the way to avoid these atrocities is to drink less than males (who clearly can't be trusted to control themselves.)  This info-graphic leans towards the "victim-blaming" narrative which I hate so much: "But what was she wearing when she was raped?" "was she drunk?" "did she know what kind of guys were there?" The safety of women is a shared responsibility and should not be a mountain women are expected to carry themselves. There can not be a paradigm shift in this world if government agencies still disseminate such sexist recommendations.