Starbucks and their anti-African ways

There it is, sitting on the counter, a statue of a little black boy, dressed in a loincloth and safari hat and holding a basket of coffee beans. Well Thandie Newton was not here for the little African child statute, a tasteless marketing tool which Starbucks has apparently been erecting all over their UK stores.

Is this a reminder of where the coffee is coming from, or rather a reminder of the terribly unfair treatment that African coffee growers have to face today. Lets not forget how Starbucks has been accused of opposing the Ethiopian government's application to have some of its most famous coffee beans trademarked. Basically preventing Ethiopia from seeking to gain more control over its national coffee trade, because god forbid that Africans control something that grows on their own land. When a billion dollar conglomerate is preventing African countries from trademarking their OWN coffee, that's what I would label as neocolonialism. Starbucks wants to continue controlling the coffee market by getting the beans dirt cheap from places like Ethiopia ( with an utter disregard for the people who grow it), and selling it at 3000% profit.

Clearly Starbucks is ok with using Africans as marketing tools in their stores, but not ok with having Africans as business colleagues. Starbucks reaction? a Tweet: “We are very concerned to learn of this incident & we can’t apologize enough. We have removed the figure & are investigating.” Can't wait to hear the results of this "investigation." #downwithStarbucks2016