Who the hell is Stitches and why is he walking women around like dogs?

HOO MY GAWD. First of all, why does this person have the creative liberties to act out such a disgraceful act for the whole internet to see? Who is this coon? [Spent 3 minutes googling] Apparently his name is Stitches, he's a 20 year old rapper and a holder of an instagram account; he is making a music video ensuring that the degradation of the female is prioritized in 2016. 

AND OF COURSE the internet trolls are already out asking "what kind of women are these?" "why would they disrespect themselves like this".....UMMM so no one is going to address the fact that it was not their music video, and perhaps, I don't know hold the artist accountable for his actions?! Why are women the first people to be questioned?