On the Rape of @Ambertheactivist: Stop Asking Women Stupid Questions

Last week my partner and I read through the Instagram comments from @ambertheactivist's controversial photos. She is a black woman who is one of the leaders of the "Creating Consent Culture" movement and was promoting her "Stop Rape, Educate" campaign in Cape Town South Africa (a city notorious as being one of the rape capitals of the world.)

The 27-year-old said she was having a shower with a drunk friend who forced himself on her, in a post which has since gone viral. She shared the above photo to her account, with tears running down her face, moments after being raped. It was a painful account to read, but what was even more painful were the comments that were left under the aforementioned photo (which has since been removed by instagram while Kylie Jenner's whole dumbass account is still up.) Because Amber willingly got into a shower with a man who she had kissed the night before, people came down on her saying she was asking for it, and that her being in the shower with him was consent to being raped. Oh my god, please 2016 come through so all these victim blamers can see how their opinions on women and rape belong in a museum with other artifacts. I could not believe some of the comments:

I love how there were so many comments saying she was asking for it, then following up with "but yes rape is wrong." THERE IS NO BUT! Rape is wrong no matter the circumstance, no woman should ever be questioned as to whether what she is wearing, drinking, or doing, is giving consent. Unless you hear it out of her mouth, there are no interpretations for consent. 

It is never anyone's decision how a person's rape could have been avoided. The only way to avoid rape is for people to stop raping. That is the ONLY way that women and men can avoid being victims of sexual assault, physical abuse, harassment, or rape; society needs to teach men and women that the root of the problem is the abuse not what the woman did to solicit such abuse. Stop asking women dumb ass questions like "but were you drunk" and start saying to their rapists "HEY! Stop raping you neanderthal."

Even if Amber had agreed to sex, and in the middle of intercourse she decides he was being too rough, or for WHATEVER reason she was no longer enjoying the experience, she and every woman on this earth have the right to stop what ever is going on. If his penis is INSIDE of her, she has the right to shut down all activities without the fear of being raped or physically assaulted. It doesn't matter the circumstance, it doesn't matter if he's having a great time, no woman should be shackled to an experience she is not enjoying. 

Any man who says "she asked for it" is a rapist. Any questions?