The African Renaissance Monument

Visiting this was a dream. No seriously, I remember seeing this monument online years ago and thinking that one day I would make it to Dakar and see it for myself. Its damn amazing, majestic. Its sheer size is breath taking.

When my friend and I went to visit Dakar this summer, we both were big PRESSED to get to the monument. You can see it from many parts of Dakar, but there was nothing like being IN IT! What I didn't expect was how many Senegalese, and Africans on the continent don't support the monument. Firstly, it cost almost 30 million USD to build (some people think it cost less and the President of Senegal who commissioned the statue pocketed most of the money.) Also, said President, Abdoulaye Wade, made it so that he gets 30 percent of the profits from visitors to the monument. He thinks because this was his idea and vision that his intellectual property should be compensated...forever.

Yeaaaa so you can get the backlash a bit now right? A 30 million dollar project (oh did I mention it was constructed by North Korea? Yea, random) in a developing country where its citizens would have been able to benefit from more pressing investments in health, education, infrastructure, then a monument that most of them will never enter.

The conflicting stories of Africa smh.