The Trouble with BellaNaija and Ridiculous African Weddings

Yes, yes, I know you follow Bella Naija on the gram. Yes, yes, we all send around screenshots of that ridiculous wedding dress, or that bridal party with matching $1,000 shoes. Its a show on and everyone is tuned the hell in. And I understand, weddings are important, and an African wedding is intended to show family, friends, coworkers, and ancestors that you have arrived as not only a couple but a whole damn tribe. But please, for the love of God, 2015 African weddings have gone. too. far.

Helicopters (where are yall flying to?!), recording artists singing while you walk down the isle, diamond couches for the bride and groom to sit their black asses upon, $100,000 wedding dresses designed in Italy and altered in Lagos. The theatrics that are being displayed on Bella Naija are turning our generation of brides and grooms into egotistical, pretentious maniacs doing it all for the likes. Bella Naija is the personification of what is wrong with African marriages today, the fact that more is put into the wedding than what is put into ensuring that you have a strong, successful, healthy marriage. If your wedding should reflect who you and your partner are as a couple, a guest list of 300 and 25 bridesmaids sends a clear message that you're more into the show than living for the vows. 

Again, I know I am generalizing, but having been raised by a married African couple, and having been to a number of ridiculous African weddings that ended in divorce; I can testify to the fact that many African couples I know "have a great wedding, and then a mediocre marriage." I think outlets like Bella Naija are actually perpetuating the idea that your Kim Khardasian floral arrangements (if I see another Ghanaian couple getting married in front of a wall of peonies I'm going to set them on fire), and the number of elected officials at your wedding is the purpose for the ceremony. That couples must sell their first two children, mortgage their parent's house, and take out huge lines of credit to be able to show their communities how much they love each other. This isn't a healthy way to start any marriage, where what is prioritized is actually the antithesis of love that is through sickness and health, wealth and poverty. Bella Naija is making couples think that their displays of "love" come in the form of French table settings and fireworks at the reception