Top 5 Instagrams to follow in 2016!

I thoroughly enjoy trolling the gram, and besides following all the doughnut accounts in America, I love the beautifully curated pages of Africa's most talented artists. SOOOOO In 2016 I urge you all to follow these folks; from travel, to clothing, and music, this year (as in every year in my humble opinion) is the year of the African.

Visiter l'Afrique is m favorite story board of just how vastly different, and equally beautiful, the continent of Africa is. Not only do you get daily reminders of the continent's majesty, but you get to follow the adventures of dozens of young people from the diaspora and beyond sharing their experiences navigating cities from Nairobi to Johannesburg. The page was created by an amazing young female journalist based out of Paris (whom I ran into at the airport in Benin this year!), its a beautiful space, representing a beautiful continent.

Besides the fact that Ms. Modja has a perfect, the young Paris based artist from Mali is an amazing vocalist and activist. She puts on for Bamako and I love it! From her songs, to her photography, to the art that she plasters all across Bamako, she is representing the convergence of visuals and sound, creating a beautiful image of Africa that never fails to impress.

THIS WOMAN is an Ivorian after my own heart!, Loza is the creative I want to be when I grow up. She is strongly rooted in her Ivorian and Akan culture, you can see it in her ridiculously successful clothing line that merges traditional aesthetics from the Northern region of Cote d'Ivoire, and the grandiose silhouettes that have really captivated the fashion world. Also, she's one of the only creatives I know that moved their workshops to Cote d'Ivoire, meaning she's not only making art, she's creating jobs in Abidjan. #iSupport.

This page is life, it is the one stop shop for all things African. Print tees, statement earrings, coats, clutches, heels, EVERYTHING. It is a great place to find that perfect gift for your afrocentric ass friend, but also a platform for African designers to be showcased and appreciated outside of mainstream fashion outlets (who in my opinion are usually just appropriating African print, but never respecting the designers.) 

My girluh! Seriously, I feel like I'm friends with her in my mind. She is a Nigerian-British fashion and beauty blogger with a fire personality and a wanderlust that takes her all over the world. She will show you how to blend your tracks, contour your face, and coordinate your new H&M pieces all in one youtube video. I love her!